-MYTH- The Xenogears Orchestral Album

Title (JP): ─ミィス─ ザ・ゼノギアス オーケストラ アルバム

Title (EN): -MYTH- The Xenogears Orchestral Album

Release Date: February 23, 2011


  1. Dark Daybreak -Orchestral Version-
  2. My Village is Number One -Orchestral Version-
  3. Flight -Orchestral Version-
  4. Unstealable Jewel -Orchestral Version-
  5. Stage of Death -Orchestral Version-
  6. The Wind Calls to Shevat in the Blue Sky -Orchestral Version-
  7. October Mermaid -Piano Version-
  8. Bonds of Sea and Flame -Orchestral Version-
  9. The Gentle Breeze Sings -Orchestral Version-
  10. In a Prison of Peace and Regret -Orchestral Version-
  11. lost… Broken Shards -Orchestral Version-
  12. The Beginning and the End -Orchestral Version-
  13. SMALL TWO OF PIECES -Orchestral Version-
  14. Faraway Promise -Piano Version-

Link: Mediafire


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